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The NuturaBabies™ Coverall Bib is a game changer for new parents, as it understands the immense value of time in their lives. NuturaBabies™ Coverall Bibs offer numerous advantages over regular bibs, making them a practical and time-saving solution for parents. These bibs provide convenience by securely strapping to highchairs or pushchairs, ensuring clean and dry clothes during messy mealtimes. 

With their easy-wipe clean material, they save up to 30 minutes per day on cleaning

The adjustable neck and generous cuffs ensure optimal comfort for babies aged 6 months to 3 years. Designed to be stain-resistant, they effortlessly withstand challenging stains like spaghetti bolognese. 

The adjustable straps make them compatible with a wide range of highchairs and tables. By effectively protecting clothes, they reduce the need for frequent outfit changes,and saving time. 

Additionally, NuturaBabies™ Coverall Bibs are environmentally friendly as they require fewer wipes for highchair cleaning compared to regular bibs. Choose NuturaBabies™ Coverall Bibs to keep your baby's clothes clean during mealtimes while enjoying these remarkable benefits.

Our customers choose us time and time again for our premium products.

We are dedicating our careers to creating the best baby products on the market. Our mission, which we chose to accept, is to satisfy our customers by making living with new born life easier to their parents and living hassle free cleaning of their bibs.

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